Rice Field Walking Tour Senaru

The beauty of the rice fields at the foot of Mount Rinjani adds to the impression that nature is always there to share with humans. The arrangement of the rice fields which is formed 50% naturally outside of man-made activities certainly makes it look even more stunning to look at. Standing and unwinding in the midst of that beauty is the main goal of this exploration activity. After that, just participate in the excitement of local farmers in processing the fields until the harvest process arrives.

In addition, the civilization of the community around the foot of Mount Rinjani is certainly very important for you to explore. One of them is farming life with very economical management and is not affected more by using technology. However, rice field processing which is still traditional even has special rituals in the hope of getting maximum yields.

Attractions I:
Moro is one of the expulsion activities of birds that eat rice. It is done very traditional and classic. which is enough to build a scarecrow and strung some ropes where there is a rice field house (pondok Bangket) as the center for driving all the ropes so that the birds are afraid. And you can try this fun with local farmers who are doing this activity. However, you can follow this along with the time of rice fruiting, before the rice starts to mature and is ready to harvest.

Attractions II:
Melong is a term in the Bayan language which means to plant rice. Of course this is different from where you are. And usually the process of planting rice is followed by many people even 20-30 people. This illustrates the strong culture of helping each other in everyday life in all fields. Including farming. The parrot inherits their ancestor with the motto Alang Tulung, which means HELPING PEOPLE.

Attractions III:
This activity can give you inspiration about the importance of the Thanksgiving event. Where the tasyakuran ritual is carried out traditionally by using traditional wejanan in the process as well as some traditional cakes in the meal.

The term “ROAH” means a traditional ritual or a ceremonial. Can be done to commemorate ancestral spirits and can also be done when holding a celebration. The ROAH BANGKET can be done after the harvest season is over or when starting cultivation/opening new fields to start working on. And traditional foods and drinks are well presented at this event in the form of food made from coconut milk bunches and baked in bamboo. Usually this food is called “Penimbung”. And local specialty drinks in the form of palm wine and sticky rice jamu can also be enjoyed by anyone who takes part in this event.

Not only that, but there are still many interesting things that you can enjoy in cultural exploration activities that are part of the surrounding tour packages that we provide for you.

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