Your Guide & Porter Climbing Rinjani Mountain

Climbing Mount Rinjani in Lombok offers guide and porter services to complete your trip. Professional guides and porters have an important role and take second place when ranked in supporting the success of your trip after your fitness, determination, and mental level, being an important factor that contributes to your success on the trip, your comfort, and safety in climbing to the top of Rinjani.

During the trip to climb Rinjani, your guide will be an adviser, he will take you to the top, and will guide you back safely. It is important that you cooperate and heed his advice.

Experienced guide
During the trip on the mountain led by a trained and qualified guide. Each of our guides has been selected over the years, based on experience, safety records, and feedback from previous clients. Over the years, they have contributed immensely to a 99%++ success rate and have successfully guided our more than 1,000 successful clients to the summit of Mount Rinjani.

Guide to porter ratio.
Our average porter to climber ratio is 1 porter – 1 climber and 1 guide for up to 4 climbers. This excellent guide-porter ratio for this client will ensure your safety and comfort while on the mountain.

1 1 people 1 2
2 2 – 4 people 1 2-4
3 5 – 8 people 2 5-8
4 9-12 people 3 9-12
*Ratio Client to Guide – Porter can change on request

How much Porter dan Guide fee in 2022?

  1. Guide Rp.300.000/day
  2. porter Rp.275.000/day
  3. Extra guide/porter fee to summit Rinjani Rp.250.000

The extra fee for Guide and Porter climb to the peak is different from the daily salary, to climb the peak of Mount Rinjani you need a companion considering the trek is quite dangerous.

Porters don’t just carry camping gear and food up and down the mountain. Arriving at each campsite long before you they will immediately set up a tent, upon your arrival they also boil water for hot drinks and cook food and go the extra mile to carry the trash on the mountain down to the village. The guide and porter will prepare your delicious and nutritious meals three times a day.

The weight limit for porters.
Keep in mind that there is a 25kg weight limit per porter, try to find out the weight of the porter’s load to see if the company you are using is not loading too much on the porters, and usually, companies selling cheap packages will give their porters heavy loads and this is certainly not what you are going for. want.

Giving a tip
This is a “mandatory tradition” on every Rinjani hike. We recommend tipping directly to guides and porters if you are satisfied with their service during the hike in an amount that suits you. There is no provision for the number, for the guide is usually larger than the porter given at the end of the climb.

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  • travel dengan pemandu dan porter yang sangat friendly sangat recomended bagi anda pendaki yg pemula dan senior


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